Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Post Number One!

Well my blog tells my name so that's that.
I'm 18 years old and a Freshmen here at RIC
I live in Little Compton RI, and if you've never heard or been to LC it's totally cool because it's very small but so beautiful! If you ever have time to come visit in the summer do it!
I went to Portsmouth High School, because Little Compton is such a small town we don't have enough students for a high school so they ship us to PHS. 
I can play 14 instruments so obviously I was in our schools Marching, Symphonic and Jazz Band, we even marched in President Obama's Inauguration Parade!
I've been swimming since I was probably eight so yes I'm on the RIC Swim Team.
Ok over the summer I landed this great manager job at a beach club in my town. It's a private beach but it's probably the coolest and prettiest beach ever. I managed a little sandwich shop that sat at the top of the beach and absolutely loved it! What could be better than working at the beach all summer? I practically lived there between surfing in the morning working in the day and bon-fires at night. Best summer job EVER!!
I'm taking this class because it's a requirement when applying to the Feinstein School so I guess I'm taking it because I want to teach!
When I'm not in class I'm usually at swim practice because that takes up most of my time besides classes. After swim ends I'd like to find a year round job aside from my summer job so I have more money coming in. So if you know of any jobs help a girl out!
And well that's me! :)


  1. I live right near little compton, in Tiverton!

  2. Hey I went to Tiverton High School with Sarah and I was in the band too. We were all so jealous that you guys got to march in President Obama's Inaugural Parade last year.